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Product Name:solar string light
Solar panel:0.3W


Solar Warmwhite String Lights With a solar panel,no need for electrical wiring.Simple place the solar panel in places that can get sunlights.They will turn on automatically when darkness falling. These Solar Warmwhite String Lights are energy efficient and environmentally friendly.You can reduce power consumption by 90% compared to conventional counterparts.The lights have a more vivid color to spark up any backyard or patio areas.

1.Environmentally friendly solar energy
2.LEDS turn on automatically at dusk and will run for over 8 hours on fully charged batteries.
3.Can be placed in any location where there is sufficient sunlight to charge the solar power unit.
4.Two Lighting Modes:Blinking & constant
5.LEDS are evenly spaced and span a distance of 4 meter with a 1.2 Meter lead in wire from the solar battery pack.Total Length:5.2 Meters

1.Light Color:Warmwhite
2.Lighting Modes:Constant and blinking
3.Light Source:40PCS Extra bright LEDS
4.Spacing between the bulbs:100mm
5.Power source:0.3W solar
6.Rechargeable bettery:Ni-MH 1.2V
7.Operating time:up to 8 hours at night
9.Packing:1 set per color box(9.5*11*20cm) and 50 sets per cartonbox.(65*51*69cm)

Garden decoration for trees,shrubs & bushes
Decorate the courtyards and inside of your homes
Evening party lighting for barbeques,celebrations and birthday parties
Christmas or other festival time for atmosphere decoration and more


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